Sehenswürdigkeiten in Nevada

Attractions in Nevada


To California, one follows the roue to Goffs, from 1926. From Goffs it is the shortest route to Las Vegas in Nevada. I take this route and

USA Flagge Route 66
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show you the lights city, the strip with the theme hotels and also the city center with the Freemontstreet.

There is also a Hall of Fame for Burlesque dancers. Jennie Lee, or better known as “Bazoom Girl,” lived until her death on the Historic Route in Helendale. I visit her ranch and illuminate her story.

From Las Vegas, I head north to explore Area 51 and show you the north and south entrance and, of course, the one and most famous

SLS Hotel Las Vegas
SLS Hotel Las Vegas

restaurant in Rachel, the “Little Ale”. I follow the white school bus with the top secret workers, the From the Area 51 and visit the Alien center.

In the desert, I find “White Spirits” in the middle of the field and visit the Goldwell Mine Museum. I look at the Last Supper and the Ghost Rider.

On my way back I find a mining village, which is used by Hollywood. “Nelson Mine Town”. Among other things, “3000 miles to Grace”, was filmed here with Kevin Costner.