Dinosaurier Land an der Route 66

Dinosaur Land on Route 66


Dinosaur Country on Route 66. The Dino Land shows extraordinary rock formations and ancient petrified wood. I’ll show you the largest

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petrified tree in the world, the Painted Dessert, where Route 66 once took place and left its mark. In the land of dinosaurs on Route 66, the Ford Ford cars had to snap the so-called Ford Model-T quite as they moved through the desert of the dinosaurs along Route 66. If you travel in the Dinoland, you will also pass the route of many Indian jewelery and souvenir shops. Here in the dinosaur country on Route 66 the monsters are the advertising carriers on Route 66. Here they have replaced the Neon Reklameschilder. They are usually at the edge of the road and are not to be overlooked because you all have a stately size. It is a picture-rich journey through the dinosaur country on Route 66.