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Route 66 Blu-Ray Dokumentation
Route 66 Blu-Ray Dokumentation

Theater / cinemas. There are breathtaking theaters / cinemas along the route. The Coleman Theater in Maimi or the Rialto Theater / Cinemas in Joliet, visited by Al Capone. I’ll lead you into a few

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extraordinary playhouses. Many theaters / cinemas have only survived on Route 66, because they can now rent their showrooms for meetings and events. The Coleman theater / cinema in Miami I bring you much closer. I’ll take you to the rooms and let you have a look behind the scenes. It was a German dance group that filled the theater / cinema with life for the first time. Will Rogers also appeared on the stage a few times. But the heartpiece is a Mighty Wurlitzer music jukebox. You can still hear them playing and the acoustics are impressive. Theaters / cinemas are no mute pastimes on route 66. They sparkle the spirit and the charm of the good old days.