Relikte der Route 66

Relics of Route 66



But the relics of route 66 are not just diner, petrol stations, motels, there are also often abandoned sections of route 66 and bridges,

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which are not easy to find from today’s streets. Once again abandoned villages and cities, the so-called ghost towns, I show you in my Route 66 film. The search for the relics of Route 66 I found just as exciting as listening to the stories of the people still living on the relics of Route 66. Relics of the Route 66 are for me like little puzzles which you have to look together to be able to look at the whole work of art. Route 66 When Robert William “Bobby” Troup jr. Composed the song “Get Your Kicks On Route 66” in 1946, he set a memorial to “Mother Road”, the mother of all streets. There is no better song to be pushed into the CD player when looking for the relics of Route 66.