Restaurants / Diner


Restaurants / diner. When looking at and experiencing my documentation, one should really be satisfied, because restaurants / diner pull themselves through the whole film and I tell you some diner, where you should definitely keep. You get guaranteed hunger.

USA Flagge Route 66
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I learned a lot more about the burgers and fries. Unique burger creations and also on the donats and food only on Route 66. The Cozy Dog for example. This is translated into a Maishand on the stick. I returned to places where even famous stars and starlets satisfied their hunger. Elvis Presley drove along Route 66 very often when he drove from Las Vegas to Memphis. He then always went to certain restaurants / diner and he knew where one got what good. I also take you into the probably best restaurants / diner on the whole route 66. I heard again and again that one must simply go in and I was not really disappointed. The Ariston in Litchfield, Illinois.