Route 66 Neon Reklame/Neon Signs

Neon Advertising / Neon Signs


Route 66 Blu-Ray Dokumentation
Route 66 Blu-Ray Dokumentation

Neon Advertising / Neon Signs. Around the world, famous for its colorful and flashing neon signs, the Route 66 enchants you into a

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sea of lights. Neon Reklameschilder, these are the original Werbeschilder, which have survived to this day. Often, however, there are only the signposts of the motels, diner and gas stations. The shop, which once applied the complaints, was often already razed to the ground. Nevertheless, it is worth a trip and you have the possibility to make many snapshots along the entire Route 66 of the Neon complaints, which unfortunately disappear more and more. Neon Advertising / Neon Signs are also used again where motels and restaurant are renovated and reopened. I had lots of fun to take a lot of neon advertising / neon signs for you to take pictures.