Hotels/ Motels an der Route 66



Route 66 Blu-Ray Dokumentation
Route 66 Blu-Ray Dokumentation

Hotels / motels as they are called in the USA. I’ll show you along the line, some motels and not just historical, but also some, which were then found as kinofilmen. Many former hotels / motels, which had your flowering time at the Historic Route 66 unfortunately no more. Often only their recitals are still showing where they once were. But

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there are also very enjoyable stories of some hotels / motels. I have found some enjoyable stories and tell you this in word and picture. The Roadrunner in Tucumcari or the Boots Court Motel in Carthage. A number of hotels / motels have always offered the traveler a welcome retirement, often only for one night. Some of the hotels / motels along Route 66 are legendary, some of them with a lot of love back into the original state. Restored and reopened. Some hotels / motels are now only dumb timepieces of a long-gone era, but still you are part of the Route66 Roadtrip.