Erotik an der Route 66/Das Bazoom Girl

Erotic on Route 66 / The Bazoom Girl


Route 66 Blu-Ray Dokumentation
Route 66 Blu-Ray Dokumentation

Erotic at Route 66 / The Bazoom Girl, also played a noble lady of eroticism, a big role on the Historic Route 66. She called herself Bazoom Girl and her birthright name was Jennie Lee. I tell you their

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story and take you to your ranch in Helendale, which is exactly Route 66 in California. She was the founder of the Burleque Dance and owner of the Erotic World Museum. Eroticism at the Route 66. I tell you their story what motivated you and how your story ended. The museum is now called Burlesque Hall of Fame and is located in Las Vegas today and shows the world’s largest collection of props from Burlesque, New Burlesque and Striptease. In the hall of the museum, numerous famous Burlesque dancers, such as Tempest Storm, Bettie Page, Gypsy Rose Lee, Chesty Morgan or Lili St. Cyr were recorded. But the largest part of the museum is devoted to eroticism at the Route 66 / Dem Bazoom Girl.