Route 66 Giants/Muffler Mans

Giants/Muffler Mans


Route 66 Blu-Ray Dokumentation
Route 66 Blu-Ray Dokumentation


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 Giants / Mufflermans are oversized advertising figures. The Giants or also called “Mufflermans,” often stand at the edge of the road. I tell you how much, and where, the Giants / Mufflermans stand and how they came to your name and especially those still standing along Route 66. They carry famous names like “Valley Paul, Chicken Boy, Gemini Man, 2nd Cowboy or Lumberjack..the Giants / Mufflermans often stood in feature films in the background .. A large tribe of titans, made of fiberglass and between 14 to 25 meters high, The first of the Giants / Muffler mannequins, a Paul Bunyan with an oversized ax to promote a restaurant, was established in 1962 by Bob Prewitt for the Paul Bunyan Café on the route 66 in Flagstaff, Arizona, and if you look closely you can see that the Giants / Mufflermans almost all have the same facial expression, they almost all came from a factory and a production line.