Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo

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Bilder Slideshow aus Texas
Bilder Slideshow aus Texas

In Texas I visit some farms and ranches. The beetles (BUG Ranch),

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the Cadillac Ranch and also the farmer ranch which also calls Compine City. Also here in Texas is the center of the Route 66. There are still 2 cafés worth seeing. An oblique water tower and the probably largest Christian Cross can also be found in Texas. Glenrio is a ghost town on the border to New Mexico. Here is not much more but it has a very individual charm. In Groom is the oblique water tower with the inscription Britten. Shamrock still has a very nice preserved kind of decoration stalk building that U Drop Inn with the Conoco Tower incl cafe. Also Texola is a ghost town with a still open restaurant, the water hole 2. In Alan Reed I visit the Bradley Kaiser gas station.