Route 66 Museum in Pontiac

53 minutes Route 66 movie clip

Route 66 Dokumentation
Route 66 Dokumentation


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USA Flagge Route 66
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and production of Blu-Ray. It is a 53 minute cut. Enjoy your guidebook Babette, up close along the Will Rogers Highway, as well as the Route 66 we also called. I tell you where the name Route 66 comes from, where the Mainstreet of USA has its beginning and how the whole route runs through 8 federal states. But also how to read the Route 66 by means of the signs and you can. The Blu-Ray is split into 6 parts and shows impressions, people and also relics of the past for over 9 hours, as well as new attractions that have re-opened today on the new Route 66. In the film I have localities with names and addresses embedded in the places and places of interest so that you can compile your own trip and find many deserted places.