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Route 66 Video on Demand

From now on, my Route 66 documentation / film travel report can also be viewed via Video on Demand.

Video on Demand is translated, retrieval video It describes the possibility to download digital videos on request from an online service or by streaming directly

You now have the possibility of the 6 film parts, each have at least about 1.5 hours of film length now also to borrow and 72 hours to watch or by download also individual parts or all to buy. The documentation is produced in Broadcast Norm and in Full HD and can also be viewed and retrieved.

The link to the page “Route 66 Video on Demand”

You can find here:

To the costs:

Every film part of the Route 66 documentation costs 4,17 Euro for borrowing on Video on Demand

The price is for buying and downloading

Per route 66 film part 8,35 euro


At the same time you can also find the film / documentation “Route 66 Video On Demand” with Apple TV and Chomecast.