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Californiens Sehenswürdigkeiten in Bildern/Picture Gallery Californien




Bilder Slideshow aus Kalifornien
Bilder Slideshow aus Kalifornien


My photo gallery in California shows you the Oasis Café in Essex. The 2nd Wigwam Motel in San Bernadino. For fast food and MC

USA Flagge Route 66
For english visitors

Donalds fans I show you where the first Mc Donald of the world stands. What is today a museum with a lot of exhibits from the beginnings of the fast food chain. In Oro Grande you can see pictures of the Iron Hog ​​Saloon. Today he is a bar and biker memorial for Easy Rider and Evil Knievel. At the Bottle Tree Ranch I visit Elmar Long, the builder of the bottle trees. In Helendale I visit Jennie lee and her Exotic World Museum. Many film fans know the film “Out of Rosenheim” Pictures show you the original restaurant the Baghdad Cafe, from the shooting. Of course, there must also be pictures of small town Amboy with the famous Roy’s Café in Amboy. In California there are also bra and shoe trees to take pictures. Needles is the hottest city in the US. Of course you can also see the official end of Route 66 in Los Angeles at Santa Monika Pier.