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Nevada is not located on Route 66, but from Goffs it is only 100 miles to Nevada. Since I also want to show you the Rodeside

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attractions just off the Route 66, and some places there also something with the Route 66 to do, I have included you with in my road movie. Jennie Lee, the famous Bazoom Girl finds her end in Las Vegas in the Hall of Fames of the Burlesque. I’ll show you the Las Vegas Strip, the Fremont Street with the “Viva Vision Light Show” Take you to the AREA 51 and the probably most famous restaurant in the desert the Little Ale Inn. Show you there the north and south entrance of the AREA 51 and the white prison bus which daily transports the workers there. The Ghostly Supper and the Ghost Rider of the artist Albert Szukalski before I visit the Alien Center. But also the mining village Nelson which lies in front of Las Vegas and is gladly booked as film set and production of Hollywood films. If the time permits it should take the detour to Nevada gladly. There is enough to see and discover.